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PERMITS MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO COMMENCING WORK RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONTRACTOR Neither the granting of a permit nor the approval of plans and specifications nor inspections by a Safety Codes Officer shall in any way relieve the owner from full responsibility for carrying out the work in strict accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code Bylaws or the Safety Codes Act. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION To Planning Engineering The City of St. Albert 5 St. Anne Street St. Albert AB T8N 3Z9 Phone...
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All right today we're talking about an electrical sub-code permit application in order to fill out the application you need to have certain information known when you purchased the house you would have been given block and lot number so the block and lot number are used to identify your house within a series of within a series of maps that are maintained by your city or Township so typically the block would be something like a twelve point zero six and a lot number could be like 20 to the worksite location you would put your address so we could put one two three let's say if here this is where the work is gonna be performed the owner is you and then you're gonna have your telephone number this is where they can reach you because they need to call you and tell you that your permits ready your email address some townships don't email the address now this could be the same address contractor so you're doing to work yourself and you just put self real easy you don't need to fill in any other information none of this is applicable because you're doing to work yourself now let's assume we're doing some work within the residents let's take my music studio as an example so the music studio that I'm working on we have approximately twelve outlets they originally expect twelve lights but is it away everything was laid out worked better with ten lights and we have five switches now we do not have to count existing switches there was a closet in that room and there's a switch in that room we do not need to count it cuz this is rehab work we're rehabbing those switches are going to say yeah five switches receptacles we're gonna say twelve lighting fixtures we're going to say ten detectors yes we are going to add smoke detectors because the the previous the previous homeowner did not have wired smoke detectors the house was built 1972 the requirements then or that you only needed a smoke detector I don't even think you needed to smoke detector 10 but because it was built 1972 the requirement is that smoke detector be present for a CEO just certificate of occupancy but the smoke detector needs to only be battery-powered so I am wiring it up or I did wire up detectors and the number of detectors I did one in the hallway and one in the studio just for safety purposes and they are hardwired to a dedicated circuit and now we have a sub panel that we added we have one sub panel it's a hundred amp and we added technically this was added for another permit that I pull it but I'm just doted on here just so do you see yeah it was the fixture is receptacles switches detectors cell panels now we need the estimate of the work us of the estimated work it's me doing it so there's no labor involved but there are parts and the switches and outlet outlets are cheap get a ten outlets or about a $10 so we'll say $20 for the outlets just do some quick math here you know you do not need to fill in this area I don't to use this just for a scratch bed there were $20 for outlets...